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“Phone calls are channels of service, opportunity & tools of innovation. If you don’t make the call, someone else will.” – Adele S. Busch, CEO


Telephone Outreach Services

ASB Business Services offers telephone outreach services to give your business the competitive advantage by promoting Service, Support and Significance.

We make personal telephone calls to our clients’ existing customers or previously contacted prospects. We invite your prospects to experience your business services and become customers. We invite your customers to re-experience your business services. We represent your company professionally through personalized, customized and exclusive executive telephone outreach services.

Our calls focus on your Business Sustainability with your customer’s Happiness, Support, Loyalty and Relevant Needs in mind.

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Earn new business and more business through our innovative new services created to support and align with sales, marketing and operational strategies. ASB Business Services, LLC is proud to support and help your business achieve its full potential. We welcome your ideas how we can serve.

Business Development Calls

  • Connect with decision makers
  • Recognize new opportunities
  • Identify New Customers

Customer/Client Follow-up Calls

  • Reconnect with established customers
  • Continuity of customer care
  • Opportunity for additional business

Confirmation Calls

  • Keep the sales pipeline full of qualified leads.

Business Research & Prospect Development

  • Gain important information
  • Impress by showing you study and follow their business closely

About us

What We Do

ASB Business Services, LLC is a purveyor of personalized, exclusive, and customized executive telephone outreach services. Our phone calls are mostly business to business calls which focus on the integration of business development and business relationships.

We are dedicated to excellence, and strive for results for our stakeholders. Some of our business services include:


  • Business Development Calls
  • Customer/Client Follow-up Calls
  • Meeting Reminder Calls (for Professional Organizations, Associations and Board of Directors)
  • Networking Follow-up Calls & Connections
  • Business Research/Prospect Development
  • Telephone Outreach Solutions
  • Telephone Strategies

Want to know what we can do for you?

Step by step

How We Work



Get a free consultation

Tell us your story, who you want to reach and what you want to achieve.



Define project requirements

If you are ready to move forward, we need a timeframe, list of leads or people to be contacted, and a specific message to share. Our team of writers can create an enticing script to make your message clear and to the point. What is your Value Proposition?



Launch and get results

Once we agree, let’s pick a start date and get going! We’ll communicate regularly and keep you updated.
Some projects require teamwork and cooperation from clients. We need you to be onboard.

What our clients say


“Helped us earn important business opportunities…”

– Gerri

“Resulted in additional referrals to our agency…”

– Martin


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