New Business “On the Line”​!

How would you like to get more business? Here is an idea! Have your tried reaching your customers and prospects by phone? We do telephone outreach campaigns to customers, clients and prospects, to help bring more business in for our customers. Our calls focus on...

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The Winning Combination!

If you had told me on April 30, 1973 that I would be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree on April 30, 2016, I would have said that was “totally unimaginable”. September 30, 2016 is my six month celebration as a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science...

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Why Am I An Adult Student?

Learning never stops. Dreams never cease. Being a 60 year old college student has its advantages. This is why I chose to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Business in this season of life.  Keep in mind, this is not for everyone, but the opportunity and...

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Phone Calls for Sale!

When was the last time you sat down at your desk, in your office where it’s quiet?  You picked up the telephone and placed a personal call to a customer, client or prospect, giving them you undivided attention-to thank them for their business; to find out if there is...

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The Power of Forgiveness

The Easter season is a time to reflect on the power of forgiveness.  In the business world we are often driven by the spirit of competition, empowerment and financial gain, so much so that we overlook our shortcomings and are led astray.  Forgiveness can be a...

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Generation to Generation

It is a great time to be in the workforce.  For the first time a modern history, there are four generations working side by side. Throughout my working career, I have gained wisdom and experience from my multi-generational counterparts.  As a late-bloomer, baby-boomer...

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Thank You For Calling!

Throughout my working career, I was always the “telephone superstar” at many offices where I was employed. I was frequently complimented by managers and customers for my courtesy and professionalism over the phone.  Telephone Etiquette was an extension of Social...

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