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“We earn affirmations for our clients”. – Adele S. Busch, CEO.


Telephone Outreach Solutions

Our Sales Enablement Plan

This plan is designed for proactive high producing, motivated sales & marketing professionals, and business owners who are focused on: Nurturing established relationships; Discovering New Opportunities, Implementing Business Solutions, Creating and Maintaining Strategic Relationships; Customer Success; and ultimately closing business.

Our calls can be used in conjunction with or complement your sales and marketing strategies.




Recommended Calls:

Executive Advantage Plan:

This plan is designed for discerning clients who believe and perceive in the high value and positive impact that telephone outreach can have on their business. Calls are focused on: Business Development, (not telemarketing), Client Engagement and Relationship Building with the goal of earning “Discovery Meetings” or other affirmations.

Recommended Calls:

Our Business Philosophy

We believe:

  • The telephone is a powerful and effective business tool. It can be used to complement marketing strategies and further promulgate your business story.
  • Mutual respect, expressing gratitude and professionalism on the phone produce positive results.
  • The power of effective personal communication in business is a proven competitive advantage within and outside the organization and helps to drive successful performance.
  • People are receptive to “Old-fashioned” business courtesy.
  • Our satisfied clients, colleagues, and those we have called believe and perceive in the high value and positive impact telephone outreach can have on business relationships.
  • Working within the scope of “Reasonable Expectations” produces reasonable results.

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