For Loved Ones in Crisis

Aug 9, 2020Guest Blogger

By Michael Lewis, CFA, MBA
Tutor Financial Advisors, LLC

ASB Business Services LLC is always willing to share stories that have an impact. Everyone has a story that has changed their life. My Guest Blogger this month is Michael Lewis, CFA, MBA  of Tutor Financial in Raleigh, NC.

Michael bring a much different perspective to Financial Services. There is hope, and financial advocacy for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse. He shares his personal story in his Video Blog:

Please reach out to Michael with questions. His contact information is in his Bio below.

About the Author:  Michael Lewis recently transitioned from a 30+ year career in financial services as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and expert on investment products, strategies and technology to building a private Financial Planning practice dedicated to serving the needs of families battling addition. He received his Master of Business Administration from Duke University in 1980. Michael is partnering with several rehab facilities across the U.S. to deliver a financial awareness program to prepare those in recovery to live a sober life.

Recently, Michael was a guest on “The Recovery Boys” radio show, discussing the impact addiction / recovery has on family finances.

Michael and his wife Sharon have been happily married for 33 years and counting. Together they have worked through the many issues surrounding their child and his ongoing battle with addiction since he was 14. Today he is 32 working on 4 years of continuous sobriety. Michael’s and Sharon’s son is the motivation for Michael’s commitment to working with families who are battling addiction prepare for the long road ahead and make sound financial decisions along the way.

Michael Lewis, CFA, MBA
Tutor Financial Advisors, LLC




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