Foreign Language Calls


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Foreign Language Calls

Designed to support businesses to reach non-English or limited English speaking clients and prospects. A live interpreter is used on every call.

Our Foreign Language calls are adaptable to any of our services and will have a positive impact on your clients and prospects to create trusting and lasting relationships.

Our Foreign Language Calls offers you the competitive advantage:

  • Demonstrates that your business is Culturally Sensitive.
  • Ensures that best services, best practices, and opportunities are available to all.
  • Enables your business to “stand out” in a culturally diverse economy.
  • Can be integrated into your company’s Diversity and Inclusion Programs focused on Sales & Marketing.

Our calls are powered by:  Farhat Advanced Interpreting.

“ASB’s Foreign Language Calls with a live interpreter on the phone provided a “language barrier” solution for my business and produced same day results”.

Brent Johannsen, President
Cimbrean Environmental Engineering
Westerville, Ohio

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