Sep 8, 2017Adult Higher Education

Article By Donna Meiser – View Original Article on Linkedin

Columbus, Ohio – Charity A. Osborn, an IWU CAPS student from Columbus, Ohio was awarded a $2,500 Cindy Ansted Scholarship by Executive Women International (EWI) of Columbus, Ohio on June 13, 2017 during their annual Firm Night event at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  The Cindy Ansted Scholarship was made possible by a generous donation from Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio to honor Cindy Ansted, a 35-year employee of Battelle and long-time representative of EWI of Columbus.  Recipients of this scholarship meet the qualifications exhibited by Cindy in her career at Battelle, including demonstrating her leadership skills, dedication, strong work ethic and willingness to help others.

The EWI Scholarship Committee recognized that Charity’s earnestness and hard work as an adult IWU student were exemplary.  It was obvious to the judges that Charity chose to attend college because she truly wanted to, not because she could. Adele S. Busch, (IWU 2016), local business owner, EWI supporter and a former CAPS student, was honored to serve as a scholarship judge this year.  She earned her B.S in General Studies from IWU in 2016 at age 61. She understands the rigors of the IWU Adult Student program and was in Charity’s position a year ago.  Ms. Busch states “All the judges felt that Charity was an ideal candidate for the Cindy Ansted Scholarship.  Moreover, she is a model IWU adult student, has strong faith in God, a clear purpose for her life and she understands and appreciates the value of higher education. The IWU Adult Program is not a “walk in the park.” You must be determined and focused to complete it. We saw that in Charity.  She was an indisputable choice and we feel confident that she will finish what she started.” This is the first scholarship for Charity. She believes the scholarship will “help fulfill my dreams and take a small burden off our family’s responsibilities.”

Her current employer will not provide tuition reimbursement for a college degree outside of their business parameters, however, she remains focused on earning a Bachelors and a Masters Degrees in Counseling. Charity will graduate with an Associates Degree from IWU in December, 2017 and is committed to enrolling in IWU’s Counseling programs in January 2018. She believes that the Lord has been guiding her along the way thus far and will continue to work in her life.

In her young life, Charity overcame many obstacles and endured hardships that would paralyze and discourage most people.  She shared “From growing up in an alcoholic, abusive home, losing my mother to cirrhosis and my father to prison, I have learned most definitely what not to do.  It is those things that have made me the person I am today.”  A woman of Faith, Charity believes that her past can help change someone else’s life.  “I believe deep in my heart that God is guiding me in that direction.” She is currently looking into peer-to-peer counseling to help families who have lost a child and mentor teenagers through the grieving process with Cornerstone of Hope in Columbus (www.cornerstoneofhope.org).

The most poignant of all Charity’s challenges came four years ago, when she unexpectedly lost her only child, a daughter, Taylor, at age 16.  Taylor passed away from a blood clot.  Before Taylor’s passing, college was not an option for Charity.  She and her husband Jason were dedicated to working hard and raising Taylor together.  At the time of her death, Taylor was a sophomore in high school and wanted to attend Cornell University because it was the “number one vet school in the country.” Charity reminisces “My girl had ambitions, dedication, and goals.  She loved her momma.  Life without her has been hard.  Each day we wake up and realize she is in a better place, but our hearts want her with us.”

Charity is grateful for the many opportunities that have come her way, “First, I have to thank God for everything he has done in my life.  IWU has been a blessing to my family and me. I have grown in my relationship with God. I have had amazing help and encouragement from my husband Jason, the IWU staff and fellow students.  I truly am blessed.”


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