Phone Calls for Sale!

Apr 16, 2016Sales

When was the last time you sat down at your desk, in your office where it’s quiet?  You picked up the telephone and placed a personal call to a customer, client or prospect, giving them you undivided attention-to thank them for their business; to find out if there is anything else that you can do to serve their needs; or even personally inviting them to experience your business services?

Many business professionals perceive and believe in the value of personal telephone outreach, but may be too busy to make calls.  Some prefer to use social media or mobile marketing and find it easier to send texts and emails but responses are indecisive.  Some may not like to make phone calls at all and prefer to be developing business directly in the marketplace.

Consider: Taking time to make telephone calls can enrich business, engage customers, build great relationships, and add value to those relationships.  Telephone outreach is a great way to keep the company’s sales funnel full, increase the sales pipeline, speed up the sales cycle and build reality into a brand.  Phone calls also pull customers to your business and help qualify new opportunities at the same time.

Spread the word, telephone outreach builds quality into your business.  It shows that you truly care about your customers.  Telephone calls communicate the passions that you have for your business, your product or services.  It forces you to be more emphatic, more accurate, more honest, and more sincere with your customers.  Moreover, telephone calls train or re-train us to listen to what our others have to say.  You might discover valuable information that could be mutually beneficial.

A pleasant, encouraging telephone conversation compliments your customers.  Plus, it gives you the competitive edge.  Your competitor may be tweeting, texting and emailing but you are going the extra mile by picking up the telephone and bringing your clients into a sales process immediately.

Telephone calls move you and your customers closer to your goals of closing on a great sales opportunity and building lasting and trusting relationships.  A personal connection could potentially make that happen quickly and more easily than you think.  In fact, a Million Dollar deal could be a phone call away!

About the Author: Adele S. Busch is the Owner/President/Managing Member of ASB Business Services, LLC. “Business By Personal Invitation”.  Adele can be contacted directly at 614-477-2961 or via email:


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