Super Connector

Sep 13, 2020Guest Blogger

By SJ Barakony
The Founder of SBSL

ASB Business Services, LLC values our connections. Being a Super Connector is a Super skill. It takes a few years to perfect. When used correctly, you can be a Super Resource for your business and those whom you serve. As our Guest Blogger states “Social Capital is priceless”. It is my pleasure to introduce Super Connector Mr. SJ Barakony.

Answering Your Questions …
Who? Why? How? & What?

Close your eyes.

You’re now engaging your deeper senses and are more in touch with your breathing, neural pathways, & best able to tune out distractions.

Please picture the below as I talk you through them … 


Burn these into your memory.

Review; rinse; repeat. Then, over time, ripple, or replicate:
Replicating this specialized knowledge forward to those whom you coach, mentor, advise, or simply know from your LinkedIn or other social network/s.

These are the dual roadmaps necessary in order to organically grow into a super connector.

Now, with this Vision in place, let’s quickly backtrace. Culture is crucial. It’s imperative. 


Peter Drucker, noted consultant, author, speaker, & (in many ways, a) visionary, was thought to have said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

What kind of culture(s) does super connecting best grow in? The “soil” must be watered, receive sufficient sunshine, & be weeded from time to time.

First, individuals deeply rooted ( pun IS intended.), just learning/entering, or seeking to be a super connector should be producers & creators/builders, & not those who transact business as a consumer/taker.

Next, they should understand that Give > Get. Don’t have expectations of reward, or a ‘like’ amount of introductions, referrals, etc. back in response to those you create.

Finally, individuals must realize that active listening, empathy, grace, patience, discernment, tact, & a solid memory each go a long way!

In sum – a culture with strong roots in the soft/people/interpersonal skills grows the most super connector ‘trees’. And, those trees birth acorns; and the shadows they cast will nurture ever more people to become better versions of themselves.


Please re-review the above. Yes; here’s your first opportunity to take action on the suggestions. Just reading a post isn’t enough to transform an established mindset, or learn for the first time if you’re new to meeting others at professional events.


Let’s answer the first three questions now, through the “S” for ‘strategy’ lens.

Who can be a super connector?

A: Most anyone. It’s a state of being. However, if you’re part of any type of membership organization, you’ll see lasting success if & when more #SC ‘s (lingo) show up, grow, and/or replicate themselves. 

Why would someone want to be?

A: This answer will vary. Speaking personally, & in no set order: It brings Joy. Fulfillment. It’s empowering; edifying. It offers endless chances to encourage.
And, it strengthens civil society ( social capital is priceless. )

How can one grow into/become one?

A: Start with your mental ‘game’ (mindset). Next, with specific intent, build your network BOTH broadly, and MOST importantly, deeply; get to know some facts about each of your connections rather than just the mundane, tired “what they do’ . Third, set out to add bountiful value into their professional sphere.
Help them grow their business/es. Solve one (or more) of their challenges/roadblocks in some manner. Lastly, have a growth & abundance mindset fused together.


The final question best aligns via the “T” for ‘Tactics’ lens.

What does a super connector do (action step/s)?

A: She makes a conscious, or at times, subconscious choice to go through BOTH gates/phases ( as shown in the vision flows above )

Look at those flows as parallel: They each act as leverage points for one another.

The stairsteps will look something like this if you commit to sketching things out



  1. Make a commitment. You’re not merely ‘interested’, want to ‘try’, or ‘will think about it’ ; you see the inherent value of super connecting & want to be one!
  2. (or 1B ) – you simply pass thru and quietly become one.
  3. Learn the key differences between networking & tribe/community building. The bridge between them is creating & cultivating win/win relationships.
  4. Think like a student. Go into lifelong learning mode. Find someone whom you can emulate. Watch her in groups, virtual (or eventually, in person); ask her to bcc: you on messages when possible as you #superconnect.
  5. Always, always be the one to follow up. Never, ever fall back on the tired trope: “I’m busy”
  6. Learn & listen as you meet with everyone. Build rapport that goes deep. Ask creative & counterintuitive questions
  7. Play on different communication fields. The two best ways to super connect? E-Mail & LinkedIn. However, at times, you might find other means fit better.
  8. Describe both parties NOT by WHAT they do. No! Instead, always center the connection on WHO he is & WHY she is in business.
  9. Rinse. Repeat! Then, for the especially joyful superconnector, replace yourslf! Mentor another.

(OPTIONAL) : As a show of appreciation/thankfulness from those whom you introduce and build relationships with & for, ask all involved for reviews/recommendations/testimonials. There is no earthly reason why parties have to do monetary transactions in order for one or more of the above to be requested. 

Thank YOU for reading!


Please reach out to SJ Barakony with questions. His contact information is in his Bio below.

About the Author:  SJ Barakony is The Founder of SBSL, An Educational Solutions Provider. SJ is well-known in the Columbus, Ohio business networking community and is involved with several business networking groups. He serves his constituents and fellow networkers as a Super Connector, Guest Blogger, Podcaster, Futurist, Speaker and Friend.

Contact SJ: 614- 668-3942.


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