Testimonials/Case Study

“Our phone calls represent the expertise and integrity of our clients”.  – Adele S. Busch, CEO


(NOTE: Results vary for each project)

thumb_01_60_60David Garrison

Home Equity Retirement Specialist NMLS #1595194
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage – serving the State of Indiana

“I recently used Adele Busch and ASB Business Services on a project to contact and follow up with a number of clients to make them aware of an important upcoming webinar my company was hosting. This freed me up for other strategic tasks and most importantly, re-established connections with some of these partners and boosted attendance at the webinar by virtue of her personal outreach efforts. Adele is completely professional in manner, presentation and results and I would highly recommend her telephone outreach services.”

Indianapolis, IN


thumb_01_60_60Sal Acosta

Business Broker and Managing Partner
Landon and Acosta, LLC

“I’ve had the pleasure of using Adele Busch from ASB Business Services on several of my projects as a business broker. She helped me promote the business that was for sale to targeted audiences of potential buyers through a formal and structured outbound telemarketing program. She has been incredibly helpful, thorough, and diligent. She always went above and beyond the established scope of work, so that I could do the best possible marketing for my clients. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone that could benefit from this type of professional service.”

Columbus, Ohio


thumb_01_60_60Babiya Polk

Benefits Advisor
AFLAC Independent Agent

“Amazing results with ONE phone call! After TWO YEARS of trying to get in touch with a client via email, and numerous phone calls that were not returned; after several unsuccessful attempts by my district manager to reach this establishment; after a 45-minute drive to visit this client’s location, I was frustrated and stressed about this account. Adele dug in, did research and successfully located email addresses for two key people in this organization. I sent emails to both contacts and after 1-week with no response, I asked Adele to place a call. She was not only able to able speak with a key contact person on my behalf but also SECURED A BUSINESS APPOINTMENT for me to visit this client and update the accounts that were long overdue. Adele made it happen with ONE phone call, after TWO YEARS of repeated attempts. This call took place in 2015, however, I still continue to have a great relationship and earn new business with this client. One phone call from ASB Business Services, LLC has added value and has had a positive impact on my business.”

Columbus, Ohio


thumb_01_60_60Christina Smith, Sales Associate – Pickerington, OH

Coldwell Banker King Thompson

“Adele is a wonderful resource to help you reach the clients you are looking for. She has an incredible calming demeanor on the phone and will assist you in reaching out to your clients.

You can’t go wrong by using her phone and prospect development services for growing your business”.


thumb_02_60_60Matt Wilmers

Director, Business Development
Office Revolution

“Adele is one of the most kind, compassionate and effective people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her positivity and drive are contagious, and any organization would benefit from having someone of her caliber on their team.”

All of my very best,


thumb_02_60_60 Martin J. Mitchell

Exclusive Agent

“Adele’s personal calls through ABS Business Services were very powerful to help connect individually with our existing clients, and let them know we care about them! This resulted in additional referrals to our agency because we developed a personal relationship with customers.”


thumb_03_60_60Kurt Novak

Owner/Business Coach
RE/MAX 24/7

“Adele made phone calls for our brokerage to schedule recruitment appointments with real estate agents. She did an excellent job completing the calls on time. Adele brings a lot of passion to her service. Unlike tele-marketers her phone calls are personal and warm, setting a positive tone and resulting in more appointments. Thanks to her service we were able to hire 3 agents. I strongly recommend her.”


thumb_01_60_60Dean Curry

Curry & Associates, Inc.

“In 2017 I hired ASB Business Services to contact existing clients of ours to let them know of some new services we were offering that could benefit them. Adele was given a list of clients to contact on our behalf. I received updates as her team worked through the list and the results she received. This allowed my staff to follow-up with the customers that requested it and further allow us to add value to our relationship. This service allowed us better Customer Retention over a generic email system.

I will work with ASB Business Services again on future projects.”


thumb_03_60_60 Kyle Snyder

Realtor & Real Estate Consultant
RE/MAX 24/7

“Adele is a true asset. She has always conducted business in a professional, detailed, and thoughtful manner. Provides regular updates, detailed tracking, and is always looks for ways to improve the outcome. I’ve never had to worry about her work, allowing me to focus on other important aspects of my business”


thumb_01_60_60Gerri Speer


“Working with Adele Busch and her company is a wonderful experience. She represented my company well and helped us earn important business opportunities”


thumb_01_60_60Donna Meiser

Coordinator of Alumni Relations
National, Global Campus at Indiana Wesleyan University

“Adele S. (Knieser) Busch, is a business owner, leader and Indiana Wesleyan University Graduate. She is a #worldchanger We are proud of you and your leadership Adele!”


thumb_01_60_60Lt. Col. (Ret) Kathy Lowry Gallowitz

Chief Innovator Vanguard Veteran LLC

“Adele is the gal you want by your side as you build your business. She is a great lady and awesome at what she does. She gives it her all”.


thumb_01_60_60Wendy McWherter

Executive Coach
McWherter Coaching Group, LLC.

“Adele did a great job with phone calls and received some positive feedback for me to follow up on in the weeks to come. I believe a few of those prospects will become clients. She also provided on target advice about a phone strategy for placing the calls and communicated my message clearly. Above all, Adele treated my prospects with respect. I am glad for her expertise and assistance”.


Case Study

Company:   Stealth Auto Recovery

Industry:    Repossession/Collateral Recovery Companyv

Location:   Columbus Ohio

Stealth Auto Recovery serves a 90-mile radius around Franklin County Ohio. Since 1999 Stealth Auto Recovery has provided repossession and collateral recovery services to many financial institutions, locally and regionally, as well as consumer lenders, finance companies and independent automobile dealerships who offer private financing for vehicle purchases.

The Challenge

The Challenge: Reaching Potential Clients in a New Service Area.

The company is equipped with the latest “State of the Art” Recovery Management Software, which includes GPS, and license plate scanning technology which operates 24/7 to provide prime customer service while keeping the client informed of the recovery progress in real time.

In recent years, the auto loan default rate reached its highest peak. According to the Federal Reserve, “the delinquency rate is the highest since 2012”. Industry analysts acknowledge that the rise in the delinquency rate is due to various social and economic factors such as the rising cost of automobiles, recreational vehicles, inconsistent wages, fluctuating personal income and the proliferation of subprime loans (Coppola, 2019).

In 2017, Stealth Auto Recovery opened a satellite facility and expanded recovery services to Dayton, Ohio, which is 70 miles from the corporate office in Columbus Ohio. Stealth was challenged to make connections and reach potential clients in Dayton. Using area codes and zip codes in the Dayton area, Stealth compiled a comprehensive list of leads which mirrored or were analogous to established clients in the Columbus area.

How we solved it

The Solution: Expediting Telephone Outreach Strategy for Connecting Potential Clients in the Dayton Ohio Area. 

Dustin Keller, MBA, Owner/CEO of Excite Unlimited Motor Sports and Director of Operations for Stealth Auto Recovery was acquainted with Adele Busch, Owner, President of ASB Business Services LLC through a mutual networking group.  Dustin consulted with Adele about the best way to reach and engage leads in Dayton. ASB Business Services LLC accepted the telephone project. and organized the Stealth’s lead list according to business type and business category. The lead list was uploaded into Stealth’s proprietary CRM. The CRM was used by ASB Business Services, LLC to manage the leads, contacts and call notes during the duration of the project. It also provided interoperability in real time between the Operations Manager and Stealth’s staff for timely follow-up and response to requests for information or for recovery services.

Financial institutions, consumer loan offices and automotive dealerships from Columbus with branches and partners in the Dayton area were targeted and segmented first. This helped establish mutual rapport with the Dayton offices. Moreover, the Dayton branches expressed interest in having a business relationship with the same reputable recovery service their counterparts in Columbus were partnered with. Independent automobile dealerships were excited about having a new, affordable “high-tech” recovery service to work with, especially for automobiles and collateral that were difficult to locate. Stealth was well represented by ASB Business Services LLC on the phone as the “expert” in recovery procedures, establishing trust and value in their services. Some prospects with immediate needs, requested Stealth’s recovery services on the first call.



The Results: Phone Calls Created Opportunities for New Business.

From April 2017 to October 2017 ASB Business Services LLC placed approximately 80-90 outgoing personal telephone calls per month for Stealth Auto Recovery. Per Dustin Keller, Operations Manager, the outcomes of the calls converted to 10-15% increase in new business for Stealth in and around the Dayton area for their first year of operations. Stealth also earned additional new business and business connections in the Columbus market as an added benefit of the telephone outreach project.

Telephone calls were instrumental in growing several new lucrative business opportunities for Stealth Auto Recovery and empowered their market expansion. Through an investment in business to business telephone outreach, Stealth Auto Recovery’s footprint continues to grow in both the Dayton area and Columbus Ohio area.


Coppola, G. (2019, February 12). Auto-loan delinquencies are the highest since 2012. Bloomberg. Retrieved from https://www.bloomberg.com


“We are in a business that has a major economic impact on our clients. ASB Business Services LLC treated our leads and prospects with understanding and respect. Adele communicated our message and represented our business in an exemplary manner. In turn we were able to convert telephone calls into trust in our services, and ultimately new business, and new relationships”.

thumb_02_60_60Dustin Keller, MBA

Operations Manager
Stealth Auto Recovery

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