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“Our calls help optimize and maximize your business relationships” – Adele S. Busch, CEO


“Calls With Class!”

When was the last time you had a “Sales” call and the person calling genuinely expressed a respectful and “heartfelt” interest in providing a service or solution that would benefit YOU, your clients, and your business?

Greetings from ASB Business Services, LLC. Thanks to all for your encouragement and support. Over the past few years, we have redefined and rebranded what our telephone outreach services are all about. One phone call can transform your business.

Our Differentiator: “Calls With Class.” ASB Business Services, LLC is NOT a telemarketing business. Our personalized, customized, and exclusive professional telephone outreach services are personally and respectfully delivered to connect our clients with their leads, prospects, and existing customers. From our approach and positive response, we strongly believe in our new adage: “Calls with Class.”

Business Research & Prospect Development is powered by “R S V P.”

Our Goals and Intent: We are About Sales, Business Development and Client Satisfaction. We exist to enable and enrich B2B business relationships; Promote your value to your audience; Keep your businesses “Top of Mind”; Introduce your business services, and ensure your clients are “Happy”.

We Believe: Business relationships are built through:

Collaboration – Working together towards a common goal.

Connections & Contacts – Building and nurturing client connections are important for long-term success.

Conversations – Create Ideas; Foster Relationships; and Provide Solutions.

Continuous Communication – Continuing the experience and creating new opportunities.

Instead of “telemarketing,” let us build a Collaborative Outreach Campaign to keep your business clients engaged and your business Top of Mind. We want to hear your connections say, “I’m glad you called.”

Partnership/Team Approach: 

ASB Business Services LLC has officially partnered with Leaders for Life Consulting and CEO Peggy Adrian, and with Puzzle HR’s Dawn DiMartino, Recruiting Strategist to create collaborative and comprehensive Sales and Business Development solutions for your business that is unlike any others. From B2B Telephone Outreach to Sales Leadership Training, Managed HR and Ideal Sales Staff Recruiting, we can fulfill your company’s needs seamlessly.

Phone Campaigns, Sales Leadership Curriculum and Sales Recruiting Packages. We can create a customized package of ideas and solutions exclusively for your business. Our professional services can also be utilized individually.

What can we do for you? Referrals are a compliment for any business. Exchanging referrals is what we love to do. Our vast network of professionals in many industries enables us to help grow your business by word-of-mouth and good experiences.

FACT: Customers are highly likely to buy when they have a recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague. https://birdeye.com/blog/importance-of-referrals-for-your-business-explained/

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your business. We look forward to hearing from you.


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